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Workflow.community is an open data sharing platform for surgical and clinical workflow data sets. The data sets are free of charge and can be used for different research objectives, such as workflow modeling, analysis, recognition or prediction, optimization and simulation.

The validation and benchmarking of algorithms and software systems with the objective to efficiently support surgical work, are also a key prerequisite for improving the safety and quality of computer-assisted surgery systems. The understanding of processes and surgical decision-making leads to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the surgical treatment for an improved patient care.

Therefore, valuable research data is needed. Data sharing is the foundation of scientific research and essential for knowledge distribution and further development of the surgical workflow domain. The publication of workflow data provides new research potentials for re-analysis with new research questions and methods or comparisons of data from different sources.

This website is operated by the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS), Leipzig University (Germany).






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