The Suite



The goal of a process analysis is to better assess work processes and techniques in a given work environment to develop more efficient problem-solving and methodology strategies. The first step in this process is the recording of workflows with the Suite. With the help of the software, it is possible to record, describe and suitably represent the work steps of all persons involved in the process, to the second. The workflow recordings are the basis for the further processing of information. The analysis of the workflow data can help to optimize and scientifically evaluate activities and thus complete processes. The Suite consists of three components, the WorkflowConfigurator, the WorkflowEditor and the WorkflowAnalytics. The software thus supports the complete process of workflow optimization from the conception and configuration of workflows, their coding to the subsequent evaluation and analysis of the recorded data.

Workflow Configurator

In order to adapt the – Suite to your individual workflow, configuration packages are required. These packages can be created easily and individually with the WorkflowConfigurator.


Workflow Editor

The configuration packages created with the WorkflowConfigurator are used by the workflow editor to encode workflows live or with the help of video recordings. All actors involved in a process, their activities as well as events and statuses can be recorded.


Editor Screenshot TEE

Workflow Analytics

The WorkflowAnalytics component is required to process the raw workflow data for analysis and then evaluate it. Predefined forms allow database queries and thus the specific evaluation, analysis and visualization of the encoded processes.







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